100% Accurate Navodaya Entrance Exam 11 August 2021 Answer Key JNVST

Answer key of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test JNVST Class VI 11th August 2021 is being given possible answer, it should be known that this exam has been taken on different codes in different states across the country but the questions of all the codes are same. Huh. The sequence of questions is back and forth but the same questions are given in all the code papers.
It is not possible to make model answer separately for the question papers of all the codes of all the states across the country, so we have uploaded here by giving a PDF file of all the pages of any one question paper and putting the correct () mark on the correct answers to all the questions. Well, you can match your code paper with the answer given by us through this PDF.
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